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Volunteer Work

Neil is a lifelong volunteer. Since the age of 14, Neil has accumulated over 2500 hours of community service. While in high school, Neil began his volunteer work with various veterans organizations and historical societies to include the American Legion and Marine Corps League. After joining the Marine Corps at age 17 he continued his service to these organizations and began his work with the Toys for Tots foundation. Since beginning his work with Toys for Tots in 2015, he has organized over 15 independent events, raising over $50,000 and 3000 toys for the organization. During the 2016 campaign, 1 out of 40 toys came from one of Neils events.

Neil enjoys volunteering with youth programs to include On Track Tampa Bay and the Tampa Bay Young Marine Program. On Track Tampa Bay provides one on one reading coaching for first graders at title one elementary schools who have fallen behind their classmates in their reading. Neil has coached over 15 first graders since getting involved with the program. The Young Marine Program is a national youth program for boys and girls, ages eight through high school graduation, focused on leadership and citizenship. Neil was a member of this very organization in his youth.
Neil is also an active volunteer with the Warrior Wellness Program which is a 501(c)3 non-profit that provides veterans suffering with PTSD with alternative treatment. Through WWP, Neil has founded an annual toy drive that sponsors a title one elementary school in the Tampa bay community. Thanks to community partners, each child attending the school has been able to receive a gift each christmas season. He also volunteers with several other veterans groups including the American Legion and Marine Corps League.

Neil has gone on to found his own non profit, Preserving the Stories.  This began a lifelong project of Neils from the time he turned 12. He began to interview American WWII, Korea and VIetnam veterans on their experiences during the war. To date he has interviewed over 150 veterans on three continents and recorded over 1000 hours of history. 


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