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A big day for my lifelong project

I am delighted to announce the official formation of "Preserving the Stories," a non-profit organization founded by Neil Gallagher. This remarkable endeavor began when Neil was just 12 years old and has since evolved into a passion-driven mission to ensure the legacies of America's aging WWII, Korea, and Vietnam Veterans are never forgotten.

Neil's personal connection to this cause stems from the experiences of his own grandfathers, both of whom served during World War II. Like many veterans, they rarely spoke about their wartime experiences, leaving behind a void of untold stories and lost history upon their passing. Determined to rectify this situation, Neil took action by starting his project at his local American Legion post in 2008, armed with nothing but pen and paper.

Over the years, Neil's commitment and dedication led him on an incredible journey, transcending borders and continents. He has had the privilege of interviewing over 150 veterans, capturing their experiences, and preserving their invaluable stories. Through his efforts, he has documented the firsthand accounts of these remarkable individuals, providing a glimpse into their bravery, sacrifices, and the profound impact they have made.

"Preserving the Stories" has now been officially registered as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, based out of Tampa, Florida. This pivotal step allows Neil and his team to expand their reach, forge meaningful partnerships, and secure the necessary resources to continue their important work. The organization's primary goal is to ensure that the legacies of veterans are forever etched in history, serving as a testament to their service and inspiring future generations.

Throughout his journey, Neil's dedication to capturing these stories never wavered, even during his time serving in the Marine Corps. Now, with "Preserving the Stories" as his life's work, he aims to amplify the impact of his project and create a lasting legacy for these unsung heroes.

The organization's mission extends beyond simply collecting interviews. "Preserving the Stories" seeks to collaborate with educational institutions, museums, and libraries to make these invaluable resources accessible to all. Through various multimedia platforms, including written narratives, video interviews, and educational programs, the organization aims to foster a deep appreciation for the sacrifices made by veterans and to inspire future generations.

Neil Gallagher's remarkable story of starting a project at the age of 12, fueled by a desire to ensure that the histories of veterans are never lost, is a testament to the power of individual action. His determination and unwavering commitment have transformed "Preserving the Stories" into a force that will make a lasting impact on how we remember and honor those who have served.

To learn more about "Preserving the Stories" and how you can support this noble cause, please visit their website at Together, let us ensure that the legacies of our veterans are forever preserved and that their stories continue to inspire generations to come.



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